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From yesterday, you were reminded that each person has their own context and of what that consists. When a Source selects a set of words to convey a message from within their own context, this is called encoding. Decoding is what the Receiver does with a message when they attempt to ascribe meaning to it.…

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Yep! You guessed it. Let’s review: Notice the two big circles in the diagram. These represent our “field of experience”. Another way to say this is context. Context refers to one’s past and present experiences, perceptions, and situations. To illustrate this, meet Sarah and Charles. Sarah: Age 25. Single, widowed mother of 3 children. No…

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Communication starts with people. The people involved have particular positions. The one who initiates a communication interaction is known as the Source (or, Speaker). The one to whom the Source is speaking is the Receiver (or, Listener). The Receiver can be one or more people. In this cycle, the Source starts the ball rolling and…

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Welcome to the first module of Mark My Word(s)! You ready?? From the Introduction, you know that building happy, healthy, and strong relationships – both social and professional – will be our goal and focus. The foundation of all human interactions is communication. That is where we will begin. As you well know, communication is…

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One of the most difficult areas of life for anyone is communication.  People are complicated. Interacting with others can be downright exasperating! There are no fool-proof formulas or “one-size-fits-all” approaches.  What works perfectly for one person would not work for another. Knowing this should be a relief – we all face this challenge. Communication is a crucial…

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