Potential Finders


One of the most difficult areas of life for anyone is communication.  People are complicated. Interacting with others can be downright exasperating! There are no fool-proof formulas or “one-size-fits-all” approaches.  What works perfectly for one person would not work for another.

Knowing this should be a relief – we all face this challenge.

Communication is a crucial part of every significant relationship. It is an area that can be rife with complication, confusion, and conflict. It is difficult to know what to say in some situations.

So, what do we do about it?

Potential Finders is here to provide you with some tools to help. For this purpose, MARK My WORD(s) will provide practical, quick, and easy-to-read “thought starters” designed to break this very complex subject into reasonable pieces.  Topics will be presented as “Modules”. Modules will be broken down over weeks. Each day will include a “Learning Point” followed by a “Challenge for Today” or “Weekend Point to Ponder”.

As a given topic comes to an end, “Putting It All Together” reviews may be included, as well. These will often be in the form of charts that can be printed and used as references.  Topics related to communication, such as Giving and Receiving Feedback, Thinking Skills, and Organization, will be covered as well!

We look forward to hearing how this works for you and are open to topic suggestions.

Now… Let’s get started!