Potential Finders


Welcome to the first module of Mark My Word(s)!
You ready??
From the Introduction, you know that building happy, healthy, and strong relationships – both social and professional – will be our goal and focus. The foundation of all human interactions is communication. That is where we will begin.
As you well know, communication is complex! Most of the time, we are not even consciously aware of all its bits and pieces. Therefore, in order to improve in this area, it is beneficial to understand the process itself. In this module, we will learn the vocabulary of communication as we take an introductory look at the “Communication Cycle”. Consider the following diagram:

This cycle consists of: The Speaker/Listener (known as the “Source” and “Receiver”) and their particular “Fields of Experience” (or, “contexts”), Encoding/Decoding, Channels of Communication, Noise, and Response & Feedback. Over the next few days, each of these will be explained in some detail.

Point to Ponder:

Effective communication has to overcome many obstacles – it does break down sometimes – but think today of all the millions of times you actually do get your message across. That is worth a celebration!!