Potential Finders


Yep! You guessed it. Let’s review:

Notice the two big circles in the diagram. These represent our “field of experience”. Another way to say this is context. Context refers to one’s past and present experiences, perceptions, and situations. To illustrate this, meet Sarah and Charles.

Sarah: Age 25. Single, widowed mother of 3 children. No siblings. Parents are divorced. Two years of college, but no degree. Has many allergies. Avoids conflicts. Lives in a small apartment with her children. Works part-time as a house cleaner. Receives monetary support from her father.

Charles: Age 38. Happily Married for 15 years. Has one son. Has two older brothers and a younger sister. Parents are still married. “Head on” problem solver. Completed his MBA with scholarships (no student loan). Owns a house and works full-time as the president of his own company.

Each of these people has a very different field of experience. If they have to communicate with each other, they will do so from their own context. Think about that.

Mastery Practice:

Imagine that Sarah babysits for Charles sometimes. Now, imagine one scenario where Sarah is late for work…and another when she has done an exceptionally good job. How could their different contexts affect these interactions? Journal your response.