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Communication Cycle Term Definition Source Where the message begins Receiver Receiver The one to whom a message is sent Fields of Experience The contexts of the Source and Receiver Encode The way in which a Source frames a message from within their own context Decode The way in which a Receiver perceives a message from…

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Once a message is encoded, sent, received, and decoded, there is a response and feedback. The response is the chosen means of reply to the message by the Receiver. The content of the response is perceived by the Source as feedback. One issue we all face with communication is taking the message personally. In such…

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Noise, for this discussion, refers to anything that interferes with the message. This might include external noise – such as a siren or a loud television. This may also include something internal – such as a particular set of perceptions or thoughts that are not centered on the message being conveyed. It is important to…

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Welcome Back! How was the weekend? In recent entries, the humans involved in the Communication Cycle were discussed. In brief review – The Communication Cycle entails a Source that encodes a message from their own context and sends it to a Receiver. The Receiver then decodes the message from within their own context. Now, let’s…

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