Potential Finders


Once a message is encoded, sent, received, and decoded, there is a response and feedback. The response is the chosen means of reply to the message by the Receiver. The content of the response is perceived by the Source as feedback. One issue we all face with communication is taking the message personally. In such a case, the feedback may be taken as an attack. However, no matter the intent of the message, it is most helpful if the Source perceives feedback as simply information about how the Receiver perceived the original message.

For example, if you have had a friend hurt you in the past and another friend calls you and says she will be late for your party, you may take this as an attack on your importance to this person. However, all that has actually happened is you have been given information about the time this person will come to your party.

Mastery Practice:

Think about the party example. Why would taking it as simply information be helpful? How would it change your emotions and response? Journal about it.