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Excelling in our fast-paced, global society is an ongoing challenge for most people.  In the work world, changes occur at lightning speed. What was successful yesterday is often obsolete today. We find ourselves dealing with a higher and higher volume of new technology, more workload per person, and a larger variety of perspectives and world-views, all of which are expected to be understood and accepted (almost instantly). On the home front, we may have strained relationships, trauma histories, and anxiety – a paramount culprit of our age. At the same time, we hear endless messages from health science that state self-care and balance are crucial. Within this often chaotic environment, one simple fact remains – whether at home or in the workplace, an abundant, purposeful life leads to increased productivity and personal fulfilment.

Hannah Smith, MA LMHC CGP, and her network of caring professionals, are here to help with a variety of services, to assist individuals, small and large groups, and corporate teams.

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Individual Support & Capability Development

Anxiety is rampant in our society today. This invisible villain presents in several ways - as a general feeling of overwhelming worry, social fears and specific phobias, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Trauma is also a prevalent issue. For individuals who want to grow and make progress in their day-to-day lives, peace, clarity of mind, and a sense of abundance and well-being are necessary. To promote this, Potential Finders offers caring, neuroscience-informed counseling.

Your dreams and needs are as unique as you are - you will not be offered a "one-size-fits-all" service here. Our individualized and targeted approach is clear and concise. We understand that long-term change is best approached with a whole-person perspective that provides understanding of and relief from painful symptoms occurs.

Potential Finders specializes in anxiety and trauma treatment. We offer individual and group therapy as well as Life Coaching, unique couples therapy programs, and parenting skills training and coaching options. We look forward to meeting you and helping you work toward your dreams!

Services available in American Sign Language.


Classroom Training & Motivational Speaking

Living in an information-focused culture means there is always something to learn! The most efficient way to bring people up to speed is in classroom training. Potential Finders provides needs assessments that lead to engaging, interactive soft-skills and therapeutic classroom training on a variety of topics, such as Giving & Receiving Feedback, Critical Thinking & Communication Skills, Neuroscience-informed Anxiety Management, and many more. Some courses also provide much-needed Continuing Education Units (CEUS) for clinicians, ARNPs, and Social Workers.

Whether a clinical group looking for an in-service, an agency looking for clinic-wide training, or a corporate team needing improved soft-skills, Potential Finders can address your needs.


Building Strong & Capable Work Teams

Even with all the technological advances we enjoy, it is crucial to remember that business is largely comprised of and conducted by individuals or teams of people. In any setting, there may be a variety of ages, levels of experience, education, and expertise. Corporate teams are becoming ever more remote, virtual, and disconnected. Cultural and personal value systems collide and interpersonal know-how varies immensely. High attrition, low productivity, and challenging interpersonal issues contribute to a diminished bottom line, poor team and client relations, and an overall breakdown in employee loyalty, innovation and team spirit.

This is where Potential Finders can help! We are passionate about meeting every person or team where they are and we work to create targeted programs that create growth and release potential. We have seen that many individuals have abilities they are either unaware of or have not fully honed. We believe that a strong, fruitful work team can be cultivated in any domain. We keep your bottom line in mind with our InTeam* mentor program.

Research shows that a wrap-around, full training program that uses, but then goes beyond the classroom, is most effective1, 2. Through coaching/consulting, training, and mentoring, our unique, InTeam approach to developing talent at all levels incorporates the following elements:

  • Engage - Build authentic relationships to more accurately assess your unique and specific needs.
  • Equip – Create tailored programs to enhance individual and/or team function, based on the results of exploration.
  • Encourage – Inspire and motivate each member to positively contribute to each other and the team/organization as a whole.
  • Empower – Nurture an understanding of the value of team dynamics so that each person in the group can function to their best capacity and the group as a whole can thrive.

* InTeam is a method created and used by Potential Finders
1. Public Personnel Management Journal; December 1997, vol. 26,4: pp. 461-469
2. The Lifecoaching Company, HRD London; April, 2001 – survey of HR professionals