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Hannah Smith, MA LMHC CGP, specializes in Anxiety, OCD, and Trauma therapy. Her approach is neuroscience-informed, structured, education and experiential-focused, and intended to bring relief and lasting change. Unlike traditional therapy, Hannah combines pedagogical principles along with proven, evidence-based treatments. Initial sessions will include learning skills that help the client more effectively manage symptoms. Clear roadmaps to health will be discussed up front and Hannah will partner with each client to determine their own, unique needs. In addition to individual counseling, Hannah works with couples to assist with difficulties in communication, coordinating life goals, conflict resolution, and parenting.


All groups require a one-session, individual screening session to determine appropriateness and orient client to Hannah and group therapy. Hannah is credentialed by the International Board of Group Psychotherapists as a Certified Group Psychotherapist. She is currently accepting clients for the following groups:

anxiety 101

Anxiety 101

Let's face it - if Anxiety is an issue, coming to a group is HARD! Fears related to being called on to share can make people shy away from trying. This group is different. As a "first step", this group primarily focuses on learning skills to help manage anxiety. Participation is expected to be paced. Group meets once weekly for 2 hours (days/times vary).


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

This is series of 6-week psychoeducational and process groups that will teach important life skills such as Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. The group will meet once a week for 2 hours. Each six-week segment is closed, but new clients are added at the start.

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Positive Parenting

"Why do they do that??" Ever asked yourself that question? This time-limited group is for people struggling with parenting any age of a child. The group will teach skills and theories of behavior and development that will better equip parents to systematically and positively deal with their children. Most importantly, the group will provide support and experiential learning. There are also options for ongoing parent coaching once the group is finished.


Life/Parenting Coaching

Do you have a particular life issue you are facing? Do you need a skilled, empathetic, and knowledgeable partner to help ask the right questions and provide needed objective insights? Coaching differs from counseling in that the focus is on a specific outcome and the relationship is generally more structured and time-limited. If you need assistance in any of the following areas, then Coaching is for you:

  • Career Choice
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Life Goals
  • Parenting
  • Spiritual Growth