Potential Finders




As every new day begins and ends, a plethora of novel information is infused into our lives. Perhaps you are a small business or corporate team that needs to be stronger in soft skills? Or, maybe you are a therapy clinic or group who needs to learn more about neuroscience-informed treatment options, communication skills, how to run groups effectively, and other therapeutic topics. If any of these sound like they will fit the bill for you, contact us for more information.


Motivational Speaking

Does your team, church group, or club need some inspiration? One hour, in-service-type to full-day conferences are available in a wide array of topics, such as improving self-esteem, overcoming insecurity, dealing with mental health issues, engaging your spiritual journey, and many more. A free consult will help determine your particular needs. Contact us for more information.

Diverse Multiethnic People with Different Jobs

InTeam Corporate Services

Potential Finders has a unique approach to team building and improving overall employee engagement and productivity. A typical package includes our unique, proprietary, three-pronged approach of assessment of team needs, development and implementation of training program and creation of ongoing, internal and external supports. The amount of time investment is individualized, but our goal is to find your potential, not ours - therefore, working ourselves out of a job is our aim!